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Yurt camping holidays & breaks in the UK & France

You may probably find that the UK is a light year ahead of any other country in Europe (for once) in terms of offering Yurt camping holidays. One of the reasons for this was because UK farmers are often struggling to make a living they can let out some of their land for holiday purposes to make ends meet.

This was the case some years ago but nowadays those same people are doing well enough our of it and in many cases they are expanding as the demand for luxury yurt camping holidays increases. All you need is a nice clean field, a clean toilet/shower block and you're away as most Yurts are pretty much self contained.

Holiday Yurts these days come in various sizes from sleeping 2 up to 5/6 people. They have "proper" beds and wooden floors and usually have a woodburner for heating with a fire pit outside for cooking.

Some have electricity and some do not - that all depends on the owners, but all have near access to toilets and washing/showering facilities.

Yurts aren't a new invention by any means as horse riding-nomadic nations who lived  in the northern Black Sea and Central Asian region were using them, or something very like them circa 600 years BC. then as now those Yurts were very comfortable, warm and weatherproof enough to keep out water, snow and sub zero temperatures. Indeed, they are still used today in places such as Lapland when families are moving their herds of reindeer across vast expanses of land


Last update: 06.06.2016