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Most of our website is to do with mainland European camping and campsites in France, Italy, Spain etc. so we are getting together a section for good quality campsites in the UK for holidaymakers who prefer a Staycation in their own country, and a part of our site is for Adult only campsites which are quite popular these days

Not everyone wants to fly to the South of France or to the Mediterranean coast of Spain, and easy as it is to drive in Europe, not everyone wants to spend all that time at the wheel, especially if you live in the Midlands or North.

As an example of this: We live in the middle of Derbyshire and if we book a camping holiday to the Vendée on the Western coast of France we have to be up and off by 7 am to catch the Portsmouth to St Malo ferry. Add on the 4.5 hour sailing and 3 hour drive at the other end and we are lucky to arrive at the campsite before the gates close at 11 pm. That is a very tiring day, we can assure you.

Mobile home onsiteWe could say, “Why bother?” when there are plenty of high quality campsites here in the UK within an easy driving distance. Holidays in the UK have several advantages over going abroad:

1) You will be using the good old £ pound and not the € Euro so you do not have to worry about exchange rates.

2) No language barrier - just be your normal self and speak English.

3) No need to catch an expensive ferry or rush to an airport. Your travelling time will be considerably less than driving through Europe.

All you have to do just make sure that you book your holiday with one of the quality campsites we will be listing on this page.



Last update: 15.12.2017