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Camping & mobile home holidays on the Costa Verde

We can recommend the 5* Playa Joyel Campsite near Noja on the Costa Verde which is very close to a sandy beach, has 2 tennis courts, a play area, animal park and many facilities.

You can actually drive to the Costa Verde although it's rather a slog. the best northern French port for it is St Malo and from there you drive down the page and turn right into northern Spain after St Jean de Luz. The first part past Rennes and the Nantes périphérique (ring road) is completely free but after that you are subject to autoroute tolls.

After that you are in northern Spain, and though many people think that diving there is too much of a fag and you can be there in a few hours from the airport you have to think that driving down the western coast of France and then into Spain you will meet very little traffic, and certainly no traffic jams! You then have a car to use for touring around on your vacation and don't have to hire one with all the horrendous insurance scams that are sweeping Europe these days. But no doubt you will fly anyway because time is of the essence for most families.

Berria beach, Costa VerdeBut when you arrive there are lots of things to do - the campsite will have a full range of facilities suitable for all age groups, and if you are in the least bit sporty then you might wish to get into surfing because this coast is a surfing Mecca.

OK, well it's a bit much to expect a novice surfer to tackle the rollers which come in from the Bay of Biscay, but don't be put off by that because if you buy a body board (belly board) for just a few € Euros you can have just as much fun for a great deal less money - and if you can't take the board home on the plane it was cheap enough for you to pass on to someone else.

Round and about you will find hiking trails, golf, horse riding and if you feel the need for speed there is a large go kart track at Los Molinos.

Last update: 07.08.2017