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Naturist camping and mobile home holidays in the UK, France, Spain, Italy etc.

We were all born naked and most of us will die naked, but what matters are all those years in between when we travel far and wide, suitcases stuffed with clothes we'll never wear, wishing that we could strip off and enjoy the God given weather, the beach, the sea, the pool.

But we Brits tend to be a tad prudish in things like that, so let me tell you that the first time my wife & I realised we were on a naturist beach in France we simply peeled off and enjoyed our walk. Pas de problème!

Art, the Editor, wonders why volleyball is a favourite sport for naturistsGuys & Ladies, it's only the first few minutes when you will feel embarrassed, and after that you are just another body on the beach where nobody is staring at you, and if you are worried about your figure then don't be because on looking round you will see plenty far worse than yours!

There are masses of naturist beaches dotted about Europe, especially in France, and the UK has it's fair share too, despite our occasionally iffy climate. Spain and Italy both have thriving naturist campsites where the weather is a tad better than our own and where you can potter about au naturel all day long.

Of course being a naturist feels somewhat better when the sun shines, and there are more naturist campsites throughout France than there are in the UK for that very reason, and hopefully we will be able to provide you with details of some websites in several countries for quality naturist camping in the very near future.

Last update: 27.11.2017