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Camping St Jean Plage

St Jean Plage is really a part of St Jean de Monts about which we have written an extensive page because it is one of the foremost towns in the Vendée for camping and mobile home holidays.

My family and I (Editor) have stayed there many times and hopefully will return there again before too long. For a better description of St Jean please click on the link above, but I can tell you that the beaches there are all superb - the main beach facing the long promenade and car park is flat and child friendly as the rollers there are minimal and the you would have to wade out a fair way for it to be deep enough to swim in.

Across the road from the promenade there are shops, and the last time we visited there was a dedicated shop for sand buggies, and also shops for many other things.

There are other beaches of course where swimming is made easier because the beach shelves more steeply.St Jean de Monts Plage

The "Plage" part of St Jean hosts most of the campsites in the town and most have a trail to one of the many beaches, none of which is more than an 800/900 metre walk away. The rest of the info about this most delightful of towns you will find on our page for St Jean de Monts.

Last update: 30.08.2016