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Camping holiday information for St Jean de Monts, Vendee

Nearest port; St Malo - 259km or 162 miles: Nearest airport: Nantes - 76km 0r 48 miles

St Jean de Monts is a terrific resort for camping and mobile home holidays, indeed, it is my (the editor) favourite place in this part of the west coast and my family have enjoyed many wonderful times there. That being the case I shall be giving you masses of extra information about it on this page.

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St Jean de Monts faces the Cote des Monts, part of the Bay of Biscay, which in turn is part of the Atlantic Ocean, and it lies midway between Florentine to the north and St Hilaire de Riez to the south.

Now the wonderful thing for walkers, wildlife watchers, cyclists etc is that most of that distance is wood or forest land with beaches scattered in between.

Lady in the fountain, St Jean de MontsThe Weather

This area on the west coast of France boasts 2500 hours of sunshine per year, and it can be very hot so take plenty of sun cream.

St Jean de Monts Beaches

Now the beaches by themselves are worth taking a camping holiday here for, and there are several glorious beaches which include the Plage Central, the Plages des Demoiselles to the south and the Plage de la Tonnelle to the north. There are ample surveillance stations along these beaches in high season.

A beach at St Jean de MontsBut those are not all of St Jean de Monts beaches by any means because you will find that quite a few of the camping sites are based along the road to the north of the town and up to 3 KMs out of it. Don't be put off by that because roughly half a mile behind them are beaches to die for where very few people go, so you can often have one pretty much to yourselves.

Naturist beach

There is also a designated naturist beach at Les Salins. This is approx. 500 metres of beach that is signposted near the Grande Bec just south of St. Jean de Monts. If you do happen to visit this beach please mail us on return with your thoughts on why beach volleyball is the favourite sport on Naturist beaches when you hardly ever see it played on others.

St Jean de Monts - the townSt Jean de Monts market

We mentioned above that most of the excellent camping and mobile home sites are dotted about along the top roar to the north and south of the town, and there are also one or two on the outskirts of town but away from the main promenade.

The town of St J de M may seem strange to the first time visitor because it is on 3 levels, the topmost being where the promenade, parking, restaurants, hotels and camping sites are. The rest of the town is very much below sea level, but don?t worry because there has never been a flood there yet!

Go down from the central promenade where the parking is and you will find the middle level of the town which is mainly shops which cater for the local inhabitants, but go down further and there is the main part of the town.

There is parking here and it is here where there is a market on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, a covered fish/meat and food market nearly every day, a supermarket, Tabac and lots of small shops.

This area also has the English/Irish pub where the owners do actually speak English and serve some really good food.

We have to say that all in all camping holidays in St Jean de Monts take some beating!

Last update: 18.09.2017