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Camping holiday information for les Conches, Longeville

Les Conches is a tiny little place in southern part of the Vendee, and is something between a village and a hamlet, and having had many a camping holiday in this very place, I (the editor & family) can assure you that if you like the quiet life, a good beach, some of the best surfing around and a beer or two at the local bar then you will love les Conches as much as we do.

The town nearsest les Conches is Longeville - les Conches is only village/hamlet sized

The beach at Les Conches spreads as far as the eye can see southwards towards la Terriere and northwards towards La Rocher. It is a wonderful expanse of lovely golden sand which faces the Atlantic Ocean (Bay of Biscay really), and the beach here at les Conches is Blue Flag which means it is as good as a beach can be.

The camping site at which we stayed (les Conches) is no more than 400 metres from the beach car park which in turn leads down to the sands where there are a few cafes and beach hut restaurants open during the high season.Beach at camping les Conches

The village of les Conches is like many others in France with half of it at sea level and the other half well below,  very much below in this case, so it's a good job there has never been a seriously high tide or the bottom part would be under water.

Just as with the whole French coastline there are protected sand dunes here, and these are often stabilised with forest land, and here it was a forest of pine and Holm oak which was planted for that purpose.

Surfing at Camping les ConchesIt isn't just the camping holiday people who use this main beach though because it is a Mecca for surfers both local and from far away who descend on les Conches when the surf is right and have a whale of a time, indeed, the surf here can be as good as anywhere on the Atlantic Coast of the Vendee.

Behind the dunes runs a tarmac path or track which has openings to the beach at intervals, and the further you are away from the car park the less people you will encounter, so visitors need to be aware that there is an area half way between La Terriere and Les Conches, though not an official nudist beach, has been very popular for many years amongst those who desire an all over tan.

There is also a track which runs between the forest and the dunes which is a part of the coastal walkway stretching virtually the whole length of the Vendee coastline.

Everyone on camping holidays needs to eat and as the local shops in les Conches are somewhat limited you may find it better to drive down the D1054 road to la Tranche where there is a large supermarket. In fact, the supermarket is just on your right hand side so you turn off the road and directly into its car park. You simply cannot miss it.

We are certain you will love it here, love the camping, the laid back way of life, the surfing and most certainly the wonderful beach, and maybe you will want to return someday soon.

Last update: 18.09.2017