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Camping holidays in Port-Grimaud, Cote d'Azur

Nearest port; Bilbao - 947km or 592 miles; Caen - 1098 KMs or 686 miles: Nearest airport; Toulon - 63km or 39 miles
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Port Grimaud is also named the "Venice of France", (for a very good reason if you read on) and is located a few miles from St. Tropez in one direction and about the same from from St. Maxime, at the mouth of the Golfe de St. Tropez  in the other. St. Maxime and St. Tropez are each on one side of the bay opposite each other and Port Grimaud has become a haven for tourists in general and for camping holidaymakers in particular.

Now the original Grimaud is 6 KMs inland, and it was built there to lessen the likelihood of pirate attcks many, many years ago, but in the 1970's it was thought these would no longer occur and so the town of Port Grimaud began to be born  on the coast this time.

The designer probably never thought that his creation would be so attractive to the camping and mobile home fraternity, but in his wisdom he made it so attractive that this is now one of the most expensive places to buy into in the whole country!Port Grimaud beach

Very briefly, Port Grimaud was designed and built to model Venice, hence the nickname of the Venice of France, and every property has a mooring for at least one boat. All the houses here are different and you can take a canal cruise around the town and local area to view them all. Quite an experience!

So all in all there is no wonder that this place is so popular for camping holidays as it is right at the back of the sheltered bay where the beaches are pure golden sand and the Mediterranean Sea is that perfect azure blue.

Port Grimaud townAll the usual water sports are available in the area with the exception of surfing of course because the Med doesn't have a high enough tide for that.

Things to do on your camping holiday in Port Grimaud are sunbathing, swimming, drinking cold drinks, repeat all that for a couple of weeks and you have the perfect Mediterranean tan. Take a look at St Tropez and see if you can spot Brigitte Bardot who has a house there at the top of a hill - please let me know if you see my childhood idol!

But seriously, if you like the laid back sort of holiday then a camping break in a luxury mobile home here in Port Grimaud is just the ticket for you.

Last update: 22.11.2016