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Camping Agay, Cote d'Azur, south of France

Agay is a village and coastal resort on the Cote d'Azur, South of France on the coast between St Raphael and Cannes though it is much nearer to St Raphael, and it occupies a natural bay overlooking the Mediterranean. It has always been a super little camping resort as I found in 1965.

Agay has a long beach, backed by a string of small cafes and shops, and with villas running up the steep hill behind. The beach itself, divided in two by a small headland that separates the 'main' Agay beach from the beach at La Baumette to the east of the bay is perhaps a mile (2km) long in total.

I well remember camping on the outskirts of Agay circa 1965 when it was but a tiny village where you were hard put to meet another Brit in any given 2 week holiday period. Now of course it throbs with visitors in summer time whilst still retaining a modicum of Olde Worlde charm

Beach at AgayThere is no surfing here of course but the sea is so clear you can swim out for 100 metres and still see the bottom!

The main appeal of Agay lies in its position - it is on a very scenic section of coast, with impressive coastline and numerous photo opportunities in both directions, and with the great red cliffs and rocks of the Massif de l'Esterel rising immediately behind and around the town, running down to the sea itself at either end of the harbour.

There are basic facilities here, including a few small shops and restaurants, but Agay is a much smaller, quieter beach and resort than its more famous neighbours along the coast. There is a small pleasure port around the mouth of the Agay river.

Part of Agay beach from the shoreAgay is also the closest beach for the substantial holiday village at Cap Esterel, which stands in the lower part of the Esterel hills just west of the village.

Agay market takes place on a Wednesday and if you become tired of sunbathing there are plenty of walks you can take.

The hill to the east is called Antheor mountain while to the west, with a lighthouse on top, is La Dramont - there is a walk along the coast and round La Dramont which takes a couple of hours and is very pleasant, especially for the views from the lighthouse itself, and the views across to the Ile d'Or (with a red tower on) from the Port de Poussai.

More challenging walks are also available in the Massif de l'Esterel - a reasonably early morning start is recommended, it can get very warm in the afternoon!

Nearby along the coast there are lots of little coves with beaches where you can enjoy yourself in virtual solitude away from the crowds at Agay beach.


Last update: 22.11.2016