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Information about Camping in St Valery-sur-Somme, Picardy

St Valery sur Somme makes an ideal venue for camping holidays in Picardy, situated as it is at the very mouth of the mighty river Somme which flows through the city of Amiens, Abbeyville and St Valery on its way to the English Channel, or la Manche as the French prefer to call it. The campsite in St Varlery is a mere 4 KMs from the beach.

Nearest port: Dieppe (DIE) - 57km (36 miles)
Nearest airport: Beauvais (BVA) - 126k (79 miles)

Its strategic position on a limestone promontory facing the Bay of Somme means that Saint-Valery-sur-Somme has had a rich and vibrant history. It is 30 km northwest of Abbeville and to the west of the battlefields of the Somme.

St Valery has ever been a town given over to camping and mobile home holidays and visitors come here, not for the weather so much but for the peace and quiet this area has in abundance, and especially for walking, cycling and the history.

Holy Chapel at St ValeryThe St Valery region has a relatively small stretch of coastline, but what it has is unspoiled and has some impressive sand dunes (protected), steep cliffs which the seabirds love, and some really good sandy beaches.

As Picardy is close to Paris it follows that Parisiens buy second homes in the area, and this has had the effect of driving up property prices, but fortunately the fact that house prices in this region are high does not affect the cost of camping holidays. It does show how popular the region is though.

You may wish to take time out from your camping holiday here to look around and visit other towns and cities, in which case we can recommend that you visit Amiens, the capital city of Picardy. Amiens has lots of history though the city suffered much damage during the WW2.

La Cathedrale Notre-Dame D'Amiens is one building we must mention, built duriong the 13th and 14th centuries, it was constructed to house the head of St. John the Baptist, which is still on display. The Amiens Cathedaral is the largest cathedral in France.

We are so sure that you will enjoy your camping holiday in and around St Valery that you will be planning another trip once you have returned home.

Last update: 09.01.2018