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Camping holidays in Houlgate, Calvados, Normandy

Nearest port: Caen Ouistreham - 35km; Nearest airport: Deauville - 14km; Distance to the beach: Houlgate - 1km

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Houlgate is one of those little places on the northern French coast which can easily be overlooked by the traveller, yet it is perfectly situated for quiet family camping holidays (and for couples too), and it has the advantage of being close to some of the most used French ferry ports.

The town faces a good beach and la Manche, or the English Channel, and is the camping area of choice for the more discerning holidaymakers who may  have children in tow and want a quiet time, and who can take advantage of the close proximity of Caen, the far larger city to which you buy your ferry tickets.

Beach at HoulgateTo be straight about this, the ferry port for Caen is a tad nearer the sea at Ouistreham from where you drive south and east across the river Orne and on to Houlgate.

This whole region is classed as being rather upmarket with larger towns such as Deauville and Honfleur on the banks of the River Seine being especially so and you may find there are a good many retired wealthy Brits living in those areas. Probably this is why Houlgate can afford to have a casino!

Camping and mobile home holidays here in Houlgate will provide memories which will stay with you into your old age.

Last update: 24.07.2017