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Camping holidays in the ancient village of Sommieres

Nearest port; Bilbao - 708km or 442 miles: Caen - 935 KMs or 584 miles: Nearest airport; Montpellier - 35km

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Sommiers is an exceptionally beautiful village set in the heart of the Gard department of Languedoc-Roussillon about 25 KMs north of Montpellier and 15 KMs west of Nimes.

Sommieres is noted for its medieval centre, the old chateau there and the lovely little market which it hosts every Saturday morning.

This is an ideally tranquil village for those wanting a peaceful camping or mobile home holiday in the middle of nowhere, somewhere you can walk in peace and quiet, cycle and generally enjoy yourself away from the crowds.

Sunday market in SommieresThere is evidence that Sommiers and the surrounding area was inhabited several thousand years ago, and this is borne out by finds of flints and stone workings nearby. Possibly you may wish to have a scout around for more evidence of this on your holiday there?

Since then the village has been besieged more than once during religious wars, but has come through virtually unscathed to the present day when tourism in a small way is bringing prosperity to the area.

Last update: 16.11.2016