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Camping holiday information for in Marennes

Nearest port; St Malo - 400km; Nearest airport; La Rochelle - 64km

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Marennes is a well known camping and mobile home holiday resort in Chaente-Maritime which lies at the foot of the road bridge over the water to the Ile d'Oleron.

Marennes is situated in a natural basin which makes the sea around it calm and safe for all ages, unlike the sea to the west just a few KMs away which is called the Cote Sauvage, or savage coast and which can be distinctly dangerous.

But go to the eastern part of Marennes and there is safe but limited surfing available for beginners and youngsters. Surfers wanting higher surf need to go further down the coast.

Marennes beachYou may wish to pop over to the Ile d'Oleron sometime, and there is no toll on this bridge unlike the nearby toll bridge to the Ile de Re which costs about €16 return per car (return). The Ile d'Oleron is also a camping holiday resort and there are camping sites dotted all around this beautiful little island.

Other things to do on your camping holiday here in Marennes could be to walk or cycle in the nearby Foret de la Coubre which is a massive (by our standards) wooded area just to the west of the town, and where you could see all manner of wild life and birds. Most certainly there will be lots of the little red squirrels which abound in these French woodlands - if you are quiet, shhhhh!

In the middle of the wood is a small town called la Palmyre, yet another camping holiday resort on the Charente coastline, and there is a world renowned Zoo here which caters for many species which would be extinct were it not for their care. This Zoo is well worth a visit.Polar bear at Palmre Zoo

Further down the coast is the city of Royan from where you can catch a car/pedestrian ferry across the mighty Gironde river which saves several hours driving time by cutting off the drive around Bordeaux if your camping holiday is in the middle to north of the Gironde department.

We are certain that you will enjoy the delights of camping in and around Marennes and the beautiful countryside of Charente-Maritime, and with luck you will like it enough to return some day.

Last update: 23.11.2016