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Camping holiday information for la Palmyre in Charente-Maritime

Nearest Port: St Malo 401 KMs or 251 miles; Nearest airport; La Rochelle 80km

La Palmyre is a charming little town/village on the Charente-Maritime coast with its own natural bay and equidistant between Marennes in the north and Royan further south.

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This is a beautiful place for camping holidays, or any other type of holiday for that matter as la Palmyre is virtually surrounded by forest land and all the natural wildlife which it contains. You should have no trouble at all in feeding the resident red squirrel population in the woods around here!

To the north of la Palmyre and your camping site is the Foret de la Coubre, a massive wooded area which stretches up towards the Ile d'Oleron which, incidentally is also well worth a visit. There is no toll fee when you drive over to the Ile d'Oleron by the way.

La PalmreA little to the south of la Palmyre is the Foret de la Palmye (aptly named) as well as a couple of other forested areas which are all joined together.

There is a large and very well respected Zoo just outside the village which was created in 1966 in the forest of the Les Mathes by Claude Caille. It extends over roughly 44 acres and a visit there will undoubtedly make your day.

Turning our attention to towards the sea now, there are some superb beaches to laze about on and there is some wonderful surfing to be had here. Surf shops and surf schools abound around here to either teach raw beginners or help the more experienced surfers to become even better.

The journey to la Palmyre from most of the northern ports isn't too bad either, so all in all a camping holiday combined with some nature watching, walking and surfing goes to make a holiday to be remembered for many years to come.

Last update: 17.01.2018