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Camping holiday information for the Ile de Re

Nearest port - St Malo - 346km or 216 miles; Nearest airport -La Rochelle 20km or 12.5 miles

The Ile de Re is a small island just off the coast from la Rochelle in the department of Charente-Maritime on the west coast of France. It is a very select and upmarket little island which has had camping holiday tourists for some years now. Access to the Ile is via a road bridge from la Rochelle.
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The Ile de Re is select as we mentioned above, and this is mainly because it is full of second homes because people from cities such as Paris buy in there and this raises the price of houses out of the reach of the locals. Of course, it is those same people who live on the island during the spring and summer which adds to the population growth.

Ile de Re map imageThough we love this place as a camping holiday venue we must suggest that you consult your tour operator to see if they have negotiated a discount on the toll fee to the island which was set at €16 return trip from January 2012 for cars, cars with a trailer and small vans. After all, you certainly don't want to be paying this more than once per holiday!

The toll bridge was erected in 1987, but before that the only way to get to the island was by boat or ferry, and the bridge has to be paid for somehow, hence the toll of €16 which we believe is rather steep for a 3 KM drive.

Ile de Re beachBoth the Ile de Re and nearby Charente-Maritime are tourist havens and ideal for camping holidays, both having a similar amount of sunshine hours as the famous south of France.

In winter the Ile has a resident population of circa 20,000 which soars in high season to circa 220,000 but as the residents and the camping grounds are spread all over the island it never appears to be crowded.

The beaches of Ile de Re are generally gently sloping and sandy which are a real treat for families and tourists alike, and if you like walking then the isle is covered with walking and cycle tracks, indeed, cycles are the main form of transport for the locals.

The night life here consists of going to Saint Martin which is the main port, or to La Flotte, walking along the quays and pottering around the shops, which open late. There are plenty of restaurants here and seafood is popular because it is delivered daily by fishing boats to the harbour.

We are sure you will enjoy your camping holiday here on the Ile de Re and maybe you will return one day.



Last update: 26.07.2017