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Camping holiday information for the Ile d'Oleron

Nearest port; St Malo - 392km or 245 miles; Nearest airport; La Rochelle - 76km or 47.5 miles
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The Ile d'Oleron is in the department of Charente-Maritime and is located just off the Atlantic coast opposite the city of Rochefort. Access to the island is via a road bridge (D26) from Marennes which is also a camping and mobile home holiday resort in the Charente area.

Cote Sauvage, Ile dOleronLuckily for we visitors the Ile d'Oleron road bridge is toll free, unlike the one to the Ile de Re which costs circa €16 to use, and the one to d'Oleron is the third longest bridge in France after the one at St Nazaire and the Ile de Re which is the better known of the two, even though it is France's largest island after Corsica and is 30km long and 6km wide.

Ile d'Oleron is a truly beautiful place and living there as a resident must be sheer heaven, but for the likes of us it makes an excellent camping holiday venue and the camping sites are dotted tastefully around the island.

Ile d Oleron HarbourCycling and walking are the main forms of transport here in summer, and even though there are plenty of roads for cars, the residents tend to cycle everywhere.

The countryside is also ideal for just wandering around on foot or by bike, and by doing that you will see pretty waterways with their brightly coloured oyster boats bobbing in the water, and beside them oyster sheds of yellow, red, blue and green.

There are a great many picturesque villages to be explored, there are vineyards to visit, there are forests to walk in, and of course there are the beaches which are miles and miles of clean sand accompanied by the usual dunes - great for swimming, water sports or a spot of fishing if the tide is right.

Tourism is the main summer industry with fishing being the main all year round one, but tourism mainly means camping and mobile home holidays which, having been there, we can certainly recommend.


Last update: 26.07.2017