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Camping holidays in Dol de Bretagne, northern Brittany

Nearest port: St Malo - 40km; Nearest airport: Dinard - 43km; Distance to the beach: St Malo - 25km

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Without delving too much into the history of Dol we know that this little place in northern Brittany was visited by the Welsh St Teilo in 549, though at a guess we don't think he would have gone there for a camping holiday.

Far from it in fact because it was here that he met Samson of Dol and together they planted some fruit groves which are still known as the groves of Teilo and Samson to this day. The old chap must have liked Dol because it is believed that he stayed there for over 7 years.

Dol de Bretagne campsiteBut we only have a couple of weeks or so and in that time we have to settle in to our camping base in Dol and have a scout round to suss out the area.

Well there are not too many camping sites which are not right on a beach but Dol de Bretagne is one of them, though this is no problem at all because the beach and seaside is but 7 KMs away at the huge Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel, one of the most famous landmarks in France and we believe it to be also the most visited.

There is a lot of history attached to le Mont, but it all kicked off in 966 AD when a community of Benedictines settled there, and the building was completed before the year one thousand.

That's not bad really, especially when you consider they hadn't got modern tools, and it certainly puts to shame the jerry builder I have here working on my conservatory!

So whilst you are in the area it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity of visiting this iconic place. There is a downside to this as there is to most things, and in this case it is the cost of entry which is quite expensive.

The nearest ferry port to Dol is St Malo about 40 minutes away by car, but other than that you can access Dol from Caen or Cherbourg, or even Roscoff which is on the northern Brittany coast to the west of Dol.

Have a great time and enjoy your camping or mobile home holiday in Dol de Bretagne.


Last update: 17.11.2017