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Camping holidays in and around Cancale, northern Brittany

Nearest airport: Dinard; nearest port: St Malo - 15 KMs, 9.5 miles

As well as being a recognised resort for camping and mobile home holidays, the town of Cancale on the north coast of Brittany is famous for oysters. After the town was founded in the 6th century the little port there is still a hive of activity in that respect.

There are beaches here too, as there should be when a resort is near the sea, and these are natural beauty spots where you can discover little hidden coves all over the place. It's great fun and you never know what you may find there.

From the town of Cancale which faces the Baie du Mont St Michel it is actually possible to see the Mont on a clear day, and you are also near to Dol de Bretagne, an inland camping resort about 22 KMs away.Cancale town houses

Cancale offers visitors plenty of scope when it comes to dining out, and most restaurants have oysters and other seafood on their menu, but there are always plenty of other dishes on the menu apart from shellfish.

There are two kinds of oysters grown in France: the flat oyster which is indigenous to the area but which had been dying out since the 1970's due to parasites, and the hollow oyster which was initially imported, and it is these which you will see in the oyster park at low tide. The oyster output from the Cancale beds is roughly 150,000 tonnes per year.

Cancale sea front shopsCamping resorts close to beaches usually have water sports on offer, and in that regard Cancale doesn't disappoint either with almost anything available from swimming to kite surfing.

We are sure that you and your family will love camping in and around Cancale and maybe you will even return one day.


Last update: 17.11.2017