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Camping & mobile home holidays in Lacanau Ocean, Aquitaine

Camping has been the 'in' type of holiday in Lacanau for ages now, though the real name of this pretty little place is Lacanau-Ocean, and it lies on the southwest coast of France in the department of Gironde, Aquitaine.

This is serious surfing country and rare are the visitors to this town that don?t like the sea, so you will find that a good number of holidaymaker go to Lacanau Ocean for combined camping and surfing holidays. The surf here ranges from about 1 m to 2.5m but further south nearer to the Spanish border you can double those figures.

There is an abundance of nightlife for the younger end (under 40's) from roughly the middle of June until the end of August, so it is possible to surf all day and party all night? Those were the days!

Surfing in western FranceIf you can't surf yet then you have two options: get a cheap body board and use that for the duration, body boarding is great fun by the way, or learn to surf at one of the many surf schools around Lacanau. OK, there is a cost aspect to that but after learning you only need to practice and that costs nothing.

Camping holidays around Lacanau can also be used as a base for travelling around the area; Bordeaux is only a 40 minute ride away, but we recommend that you take a Park & Ride when you reach the city limits because parking in the city can be quite a trial.

Your camping holiday here can be combined with watersports other than from the beach, and as well as surfing kit, and you will find every kind of water sports equipment to suit your needs in and around Lacanau.

If you tire of the beach then there is always the Lac du Lacanau which lies about 3.5 KMs directly inland from the town for even more watersports, and slightly to the north of that is A spot of evening surfingthe larger Lac d'Hourtin-Carans for similar.

Whilst you are camping here you will no doubt notice vast expanses of uninhabited countryside which makes the most excellent walking/cycling country where you can wander around and take in the scenery and the wildlife.

Last update: 28.07.2017