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Camping holiday information for Hourtin Plage, Gironde, Aquitaine

Nearest port; St Malo 514km or 321 miles: Nearest airport; Bordeaux 70km

Camping holidays at Hourtin Plage are an absolute delight, and especially so if you are able to take yours before or after the high season because, just like most of the other camping sites in this part of France it does become seriously busy at times.

Hourtin Plage is a tiny little place, a small strip of a few shops and restaurants on the Gironde coast and pretty much in the middle of nowhere really, surrounded by beach and the Atlantic on one side and thick forest land on the other three. We haven't measured the length of the beaches here but we can tell you that they are l-o-n-g.

Hourtin PlageSmall this place may be but it draws tourists like a magnet for several good reasons. OK, it becomes busy in season but there is enough beach space for all and more, but if you like wildlife, bird life, walking or cycling, lazing on a sunbed or watersports then this little place is for you.

Lots of people combine surfing and camping holidays all along this coastline, but Hourtin Plage offers all that and so much more with the woodland opportunities as well; mile after mile of pine forest and sandy beaches with huge rollers for surfing, the surf gets up to around 8 feet by the way.

Beaches are supervised in high season, and we strongly suggest that you don't go out to sea on or in inflatables here or you will be keeping the lifeguards in business all summer long! Just take notice of the professional guards and you'll have no problems.

Near to your camping resort, about 10 KMs, is the much larger town of Montalivet-les-Bains where there are far more shops, a good supermarket and a street market and lots of bars, restaurants and such like.

Hourtin Port/Houtin plageGetting to your camping resort of Hourtin Plage is quite easy but we suggest that you take the ferry from Royan and across the mighty river Gironde to le Verdon sur Mer, and from there it is an easy drive to Hourtin. Taking the ferry means you don't have to drive all the way down to Bordeaux and back up again.

I would bet my meagre pension that you will love Hourtin-Plage and after returning home may well consider another camping holiday there before too long.

Last update: 07.07.2017