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Camping holiday information for Camping Biscarrosse-Plage, Landes

Nearest port; Bilbao - 297km or 186 miles; from St Malo 598 KM or 374 miles: Nearest airport Bordeaux - 67km

Biscarrosse-Plage is in the department of Landes in Aquitaine, southwest France, and this place combines pretty much what anyone can ask for in a camping holiday as we shall reveal further down the page.

First of all is the situation which is slap bang on the coast, well the beach is 200 metres away from the town and that distance is a pedestrianised area safe for all the family. There are about a hundred shops of all varieties in Biscarrosse Plage so you should be able to find anything you need there.

Surfing at Biscarrosse PlageOn the way to the beach you reach the dunes first and then there is a seemingly endless expanse of fine golden sand and wonderful opportunities for all manner of water sports from swimming, kite surfing, surfing and body surfing. Lots of the younger people come here for a combined camping and surfing holiday. The bathing areas are supervised in high season of July & August

Now the surfing in Biscarrosse is as good as it gets in Europe, and possibly the only better places are further down the same coast and nearer to the Spanish border, but the surf in Biscarrosse is regularly up to 5 metres, and if you think that isn't high then get in the sea and wait for a five metre monster approaching you at speed - it looks like a house side!

But if you are not coming to Biscarrosse on a camping or mobile home holiday just for the surfing then there is a whole lot more to this town, this area, than at first meets the eye.

Both side of the town, north and south, are covered with forest, and this is an absolute paradise for nature watchers and twitchers alike. To the north of the town the forest stretches right up to the Bay of Arcachon in the Gironde department of Aquitaine, and if you do that walk you will no doubt come across other camping sites hidden in the trees.

Ditto to the south and the forest land is only broken up by a few towns and villages until you reach the Bayonne / Biarritz region in the Pyrenees Atlantiques near the border with Spain. There are tacks in all the forest land for walkers and cyclists.

Your camping holiday in Biscarrosse could also include water sports on either of the two large lakes behind Biscarrosse where there is fishing, boating, kite surfing and all manner of things happening with kayaks and the like.

We hope that you take the opportunity to have a camping or mobile home holiday in Biscarrosse, and we are certain you will enjoy every minute!

Last update: 07.07.2017