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The Essential Guide to Camping in France

As time goes on there are more and more laws about all sorts of things, especially those which apply to drivers, which most people will not have picked up on before you depart for what should be a couple of weeks of pure pleasure in our nearest foreign neighbour.

“Planning your holiday in detail is a good idea and
that often starts on a cold, wet and dark weekend in winter…”

Guide to camping in FranceThis is where we come in

With the ‘Essential Guide to Camping in France’  you're guided right from the beginning - before you even think of packing!

After reading this you should be well on the way to enjoying a hassle free camping holiday!

Who I am… and why you might want to listen to me!

My name is Art Johnstone and at the time of writing I am nudging 70 years young, having been camping in France and other European countries since I was 5 years old.

Your best ever camping guide!

Last updated in 2017 this is an in-depth free guide with details on:
The Essential Guide to Camping in France
  • Getting there – by plane, train or automobile!

  • Driving in France
    - Paperwork (Vehicle)
    - French police - traffic police
    - Navigating French roads!
    - Borrowed, hired or leased vehicle
    - Drink driving limits in France
    - Driving Speed Limits

  • Your Campsite

  • Differences between British and continental owned mobile homes

  • Vive la difference!
    Much that's different about holidaying in France, including:
    - A note about public toilets
    - Beaches, dunes and nudity…
    - Medication / medicines
    - The weather

    Guide to camping in France

    - The British and the language barrier
    - Some handy lingo – start speaking some French!

  • Checklists:
    - Paperwork (Personal) see also Paperwork (Vehicle).
    - Common sense items
    - Camping checklist

  • French Regions and their Departments – a mini guide in itself!

  • Handy Links - links to websites and other useful resources to make your camping trip easier and more enjoyable!


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Last update: 26.10.2017