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Camping & mobile home holidays in Croatia

Croatia has become a popular country for camping and mobile home holidays during the last decade, and to be honest, it is far more easily accessed by plane than by car as it is a fair old trip from the UK. Zagreb, for instance may be a couple of hours flight from most of our regional airports whilst the drive from Calais is 1526 KMs or just over 950 miles, and that will take you between 14.5 and 17 hours depending on which route you take.

We feature the campsites below. Please click on the links to take you to the pages you wish to see.

The 4* Camping Zaton Holiday Resort is a large, spacious campsite directly on the sandy beaches of the Dalmatian Coast The village has 2 lovely pools, slides etc. and is close to the historic town of Zadar

The 3* Camping Bi Village at Fazana is a lively place on Croatia's Istrian coast & is set in woodland next to a long white pebble beach. The site has many facilites and amenities for all.

The 4* Camping Lanterna takes pride in being one of the best campsites in Europe, is set amongst pine and oak trees & has a 3 km long beach. This campsite is the largest & most exclusive in Istria.

There's plenty to do at 3* Camping Polari with beaches nearby, organised activities, children's clubs, pool complex, shows & entertainment, sports tournaments and a freshwater pool.

The 5* CampingIn Umag, set in a gorgeous location near the Adriatic Sea, is a large and lively campsite with direct beach access, a large outdoor pool complex and lots of other facilities.
The 4* Camping Village Simuni is a terraced campsite by the sea on Pag Island with multiple beaches, own windsurfing school, diving club, underwater caves etc.

You are now in Eastern Europe even though it will feel no different from any other country with a nice climate. Most Brit holidaymakers tend to take their vacations near or on the coast, or even on one of the 1,000 little islands near the mainland coastline.

I (Editor) first went there in the 1960's, but in those days it was a mildly communist country called Yugoslavia which was ruled by President Tito. In those days the country was dreadfully poor and the government was desperately trying to attract foreign currency so everything was extremely cheap. Our group was supposed to be camping but was put off by a terrible storm so we stayed in an hotel in Opatija for the first night instead.

We got dinner that first night with a bottle of wine thrown in between each couple. When we paid the bill next morning we found it equated to 10 shillings (50 pence) per person for bed, breakfast and evening dinner + wine, so it was a no brainer that we stayed there for two weeks instead of sleeping in a leaky tent.Zlatni-Rat-Beach-croatia

OK, we used that hotel as a base but motored all over the place, and could easily afford to as petrol cost a fraction of a pound sterling for a gallon.

Our group became friendly with some of the locals who were doing their utmost to save money on their pitiful wages whilst we eighteen year olds, far, far from wealthy ourselves had money to burn - compared to the locals. During our stay there we took 4 locals out and about with us and bought them meals and drinks, but in return they showed us all the best places to go, to eat and drink, which caves to see and a host of other things. Looking back on that stay I would say we had the better deal.

It is unbelievable how many usually intelligent people are concerned about visiting Croatia because they still think there's still a war on there! Sheesh, that ended back in the pre-history we call 1995 but obviously some people haven't kept up to date with what goes on in Europe.

Campsites in Croatia that we recommend are: Bi Village, Fazana, 


Now we always try to be fair when describing regions, departments and even whole countries so we have to say that the beaches in Croatia are probably not the best in the world, or even in Europe for that matter. Many are pebble beaches so you may need sandals/flip flops to get to the sea, unless you are the sort which doesn't feel pain that is. There are some wonderful beaches though but unfortunately fine shingle is the best you can hope for.

Having said that, the sea from the north to the south is an invitingly clean azure blue and clear enough for you to see the little fish swimming below you, but that brings us neatly to another thing about which you should be aware – Sharks.

You will notice that most beaches have a shark net or two a little way offshore. There ARE sharks in these waters but we have never heard of anyone being attacked yet. The nets are supposed to prevent the sharks from getting too near bathers and chomping them up, but in reality they are of limited use because the fish go underneath them so it would be a very unlucky shark indeed to be caught in a Croatian shark net!

The sea and islands

Croatia faces the Adriatic Sea which is actually a part of the Mediterranean. The Adriatic is also handily placed for providing the other countries on the Balkan Peninsular - Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania.

The Adriatic Sea is relatively warm one and it's water temperature does not go below 11 degrees C. That isn't too bad at all but when you are actually in it you will find that it is so clear as to be transparent you will be able to see the bottom at over 50 metres.

Croatia's coastline is roughly 2,000 KMs (1,250 miles) with some of the clearest sea lapping at it's shores. There are also about 1,200 small islands offshore of which a fair few are occupied by naturists in the summer, some occupied by deer, some which are more for the VIP set which have all the mod cons.Banje Beach, Dubrovnic

There are islands which are used by painters, sculptors, more islands used by windsurfers and some for ordinary holidaymakers like you and I, but even more - around 80%, with no one on them at all.

Most of the Croatian islands are verdant, covered in grass and trees and there is plenty of scope for island hopping, day trips and overnight trips.

Food and drink

Though it was a great many years ago when I last visited Croatia, one thing I noticed was that they had a national dish for every day. There are some obvious favourites such as Ručak which seems to be accepted as the main meal for lunchtime.

Lunch, or Ručak, often begins with a bowl of soup which is followed by an entree of roasted meat, vegetable or salad, potatoes or noodles, and dessert. Croatians don't generally have a set lunchtime so they tend to eat it anywhere from noon to late afternoon.

Yes, you will eat well in Croatia and if you are on a camping or mobile home holiday you may well find it cheaper to eat out than buy the raw materials to cook - either way there won't be a deal of difference.

Apart from Ručak there is the traditional Croatian cuisine which is wide and varied, but it is hard to distinguish dishes that are exclusive to Croatia.

That is most probably because Croatian cuisine has been influenced by the tastes and traditions from neighbouring countries and the different nations that ruled the country throughout history. Possibly this could be the reason for them having so many national dishes.

You will undoubtedly notice that the Croatian cuisine has some similarity to Italian, Austrian, Hungarian, and Turkish food, but by the same token Croatian dishes have their own distinct interpretation, and taste.

Just to give you a little insight into food and drink prices which we have "borrowed" from a website called Numbeo.com which covers food prices worldwide. The prices below are averages for the country in May 2017 and can be slightly variable up or down.

An inexpensive meal for 1 person costs around £5 whilst in a mid range restaurant you can expect to pay around £23 for 2 people for a 3 course meal.

1 litre Milk 0.64p
500g loaf of fresh white bread 0.67p 
1 kilo white rice 1.25
1 doz eggs 1.68 
1 kg local cheese 6.02
1 kg Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless) 5.32
1 kg Beef Round (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat)  7.04
1 kg Apples  0.98
1 kg Bananas   1.26 
1 kg Oranges   1.11
1 kg Tomatoes   1.11
1 kg Potato   0.54
1 kg Onion   0.66
1 head of Lettuce  0.64
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range)  4.06
Domestic Beer (0.5 litre bottle)  0.83
Imported Beer (0.33 litre bottle)  1.16
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro)  2.90  

More than 90% of all beer sold in Croatia is domestically produced and there is great interest these days in what the Croatians call "craft beers" which are in very keen competition to the older, classic brands like Ožujsko and Karlovačko. Having said that, those last named are still the two most popular in the country.

We do know though that the ones listed below are the most popular Craft Beers in the country:

1 Zmajska pivovara
2 Bujska pivovara
3 Nova Runda
4 Varionica
5 Medvedgrad
6 Bura Brew
7 Visibaba
8 Vunetovo
9 Prvo Visko Pivo
10 Garden Brewery

Walking holidays

Croatia is a great place for a walking holiday so there is no wonder that several companies out there which are advertising just that; walking holidays. Usually these are of 7 and 8 days duration and you have a full time guide, proper accommodation and food, though you have the choice of picnic lunches or pub/hotel meals should you with. Alternatively there are some tailor made self guided walking tours on the sunny Croatian coast which are cheaper because you don't have to pay for the services of a guide.

Obviously we are here to promote camping and mobile home holidays but we just had to let you know about the walking vacations as that is a very popular pastime these days.

In conclusion we must tell you about one of the walking tours available in the Risnjak mountain range which is named after the rare (in Europe) lynx. The tour is in Gorski Kotar, the most mountainous and heavily forested region of the country, about 15 km inland from the Adriatic Sea. This is all set in the pristine wilderness of the park which covers an area of 63.5 KMs.

Whatever you choose to do in Croatia whether it be a camping holiday we feel certain that you will enjoy every moment in this little country which has exciting holiday experiences for all.


Last update: 06.09.2017