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Camping & mobile home holidays in Austria

Austria is a wonderfully uncomplicated place to visit and without a shadow of a doubt this beautiful country must be included near the top of the list when we talk of venues for camping and mobile home holidays, especially for those who just love to walk, climb mountains and enjoy the fresh air.

Please click on the links below to be taken to the campsite of your choice:

The 3* Bella Austria campsite is in Sankt Peter am Kammersberg and has fabulous views with unforgettable scenery. An excellent choice of campsite for walking, cycling etc.

The 5* Sportcamp Woferlgut campsite at Zell am See has it's own private lake - apart from the massive lake at Zell - & is surrounded by mountains for walking, cycling etc. and there is a glacier nearby at Kaprun which certainly warrants a visit.

Visit the 5* Natterer See campsite at Innsbruck for wonderful walking and cycling holidays - and there is a lake nearby for water sports activities.

Nestling as it does virtually in the heartlands of Europe, Austria is a wonderfully uncomplicated place to visit, a country which is naturally German speaking but where most people also speak English, a country where the scenery is so beautiful it defies imagination, where there is a spectacular combination of cultural and natural attractions to be savoured, a country which you will surely wish to return to when your camping holiday has come to an end.

Walking breaks in Austria are extremely popular with British holidaymakers these days, and you may be pleased to know that this is one of Austria's unofficial national pastimes. There are well signposted trails which criss cross valleys and mountain tops –ideal for mountain bikers and walkers alike.

Of course we at Quality camping are concerned with summertime activities but Austria also has superb facilities for winter sports like skiing and anything to do with hurtling down mountain slopes at great speed.Innsbruck Old Town

Without a shadow of a doubt though, the beautiful country of Austria must be included near the top of the list when we talk of venues for camping holidays and it is surprising that we Brits haven’t “invaded” it more for holidays. There is a possible reason for this though because most camping and mobile home holidays are taken by couples and families arriving by car, and maybe they view Austria as being just a tad too far to drive.

There are huge and obvious advantages of driving holidays, one of which is that you can take so much more luggage with you than you can on a plane, but we still think that it is the distance to drive which makes it one of the lesser visited holiday venues. This is a great shame because Austria and neighbouring Switzerland are two of the most idyllic countries in Europe in which to have a holiday.

Austria is mountainous and has a rugged alpine terrain where little villages appear to cling to the mountain sides. There are wonderful sights to be seen in the countryside as well as cities like Vienna the capital which is situated on the famous Danube River and which is home to the Schonbrunn and Hofburg palaces.

Other regions and cities which cry out to be explored are Salzburg, the little resort of Zell am Zee, Innsbruck, the northern Bohemian Forest, Lake Traun and eastern hillside vineyards, and we must never forget the wonderful region where lie the Salzkam Mergut Lakes.

Our camping holidays in Austria are located in the Styria region, the mountainous, forested state in southern Austria, known for its wine, spas and castles.

Styria is known as the "Green Heart" of Austria with its super large forests throughout the province and vineyards which invite tastings. There are many activities and excursions here such as hiking, skiing, castles, thermal spas and last but not lease an unrivalled wine growing area on the lower mountain slopes.

There are masses of things which are unique to Austria such as the Austrian flag being one of the oldest national flags in the world, dating from 1191 when Duke Leopold V fought in the Battle of Acre during the Third Crusade.

A somewhat more modern note of interest is that the world's largest emerald, a massive 2860 carat stone is displayed in the Imperial Treasury of the Hofburg (Imperial Palace) in Vienna.

Vienna, the capital also hosts the oldest zoological garden in the world, the Tiergarten Schönbrunn which was founded in 1752.

And last but not least by any means is the fact that the sewing machine was invented in 1818 by Josef Madersperger, an Austrian.

Places of interest in Austria – other than the countryside


Vienna is the capital and as such it must head the queue of cities worth visiting. The city has what could be called a "coffee-house culture" sitting snugly alongside Vienna's artistic and musical masterpieces, and these are many! The Kunsthistorisches Museum, for example, one of the Habsburgs' most dazzling Rinsgstrasse palaces, houses the national imperial art collection and is packed with priceless works by Old Masters.

Treasures abound here including one of the world's richest coin collections and in the Naturhistorisches Museum there are meteorites, fossils and prehistoric finds fill the Naturhistorisches Museum, while exquisite furnishings at the applied-arts Museum für Angewandte Kunst are also among the artistic exhibits.

All that and more apart you will find that Vienna has a wonderful cuisine culture. Food is extremely important to Austrians and, we shouldn’t really say this, but this little habit has resulted in nearly half the inhabitants being overweight.


Saltzburg, on the border with Germany and with views of the Eastern Alps, is probably my most favourite city in the world. The city is divided by the River Salzach with the Old City (Altstadt) on it's left bank facing the New City (Neustadt) on the right.

Mozart was born in the Altstadt and his birthplace is now a museum which displays his childhood instruments.Satzburg Old Town

The name "Saltzburg" means Salt Castle, a term which refers to its huge fortress and the white gold from the mountains in the south. The city has a magnificent Baroque town centre which is rated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site which can easily be explored by foot.

Think The Sound of Music - think Saltzburg, indeed, Salzburg’s two biggest money-spinners are Mozart and The Sound of Music.


Feldkirch lies in the westernmost corner of Austria and borders both Switzerland and Liechtenstein, but it’s well worth a visit in itself because of its impressive medieval centre with the the mountains rising up around it compounding the effect. It’s easy just to wander around the old streets and feel envious of the people lucky enough to live in such an overall beautiful location.

Feldkirch was first mentioned in writing in 1218 and is a great example the sort of towns that used to be dotted all around the central European region. Paradise just could be something as simple as sitting at a pavement cafe table, sipping a drink on a sunny day.

Innsbruck - the Tyrol

Innsbruck really has a huge amount going for it. Its position high up in the Alps offers visitors with both constantly amazing views and superb opportunities for winter sports, indeed, the city has hosted the Winter Olympics several times.

It is the capital of the Austrian state of Tyrol, and it has a number of grand buildings in its centre and along the Sill River. However, Innsbruck was heavily damaged by frequent bombings just before and during WW11, so many of the buildings that you can see now are reconstructions.


Alpbach has a tiny size in terms of population it has become very well-known for its beauty. Some years ago it was voted the most beautiful village in the country , and also named the most beautiful floral village in Europe back in 1993.

Thousands of tourists come here every year to enjoy its charm despite the fact that it is fairly isolated up in the Alps. Alpbach is also a ski resort, and every year they hold the Alpbach European Forum, which draws together important people in the world of science, business, the arts, and politics for two weeks to share ideas.

Zell am See (pronounced Zell am Zay)

Zell am See is an important tourist destination and the administrative capital of the Zell am See District in the Austrian state of Salzburg. I (Editor) first visited Zell in 1963 when it was but a village with a train line running alongside the lake.

This really is a picturesque lakeside town which, in wintertime offers about 80 miles of local slopes, with beginner, intermediate and advanced runs all well represented as well as one hundred and twenty-five miles of cross-country trails offer gorgeous panoramic views.


One could easily describe the typical foods of Austria as meat dependent and quite "heavy". Viener Schnitzel (fried veal in breadcrumbs) for example, boiled beef called Tafelspitz, Beuschel which is a ragout containing veal lungs and heart, (not for me thanks) and Selchfleisch, a smoked meat with sauerkraut and dumplings.

Obviously there are many, many more dishes but looking just at these you can imagine what they can do for your waistline - as we mentioned above.

Knödel (dumplings)

These are the traditional potato dumplings and they vary in their makeup depending on the area in which they are made. There are all kinds of traditional Austrian dumplings, both savoury and sweet. On the savoury dumpling menu the two most popular ones are the potato dumpling which is often served with a pork roast and the maybe even more famous bread dumpling called Semmelknödel or Serviettenknödel if it’s not ball-shaped as they are traditionally served with soft boiled beef or ragout.

Sweet dumplings are usually filled with fruit such as apricot or plums, poppy seeds or curd.

Topfenpalatschinken à la Sacher which are curd cheese crêpes, Apfel (apple) Strudel a la Sacher, chocolate slices - the Austrians love their chocolate, chocolate hazelnut pudding and prune fritters are just a few of their favourite deserts, and though they all sound marvelous and look even better there is little wonder the nation is becoming conscious of its expanding waistline.  Nevertheless, this is a country in which you will love to holiday!

Last update: 05.02.2018